About Us

Meet the Founders!

Amanda Wilkins

CEO / President-Chair

My expertise is in Technical Design and Product Development. I have focused  heavily in the active and athleisure space but also dabbled in high-end women’s apparel. The great foundation established at the beginning of my career has helped me excel in my profession. At many of the companies I have worked for, I was the sole or lead technical designer responsible for the category. I have helped build processes, grade rules, refined processes, adjusted grade rules and fit to help make the brand more successful. My experience is not limited to a certain type of apparel. I have worked on all types of styles from underwear to trench coats. Throughout my career, I have many accomplishments but the one I’m most proud of is being the technical designer/product developer for the Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress, which I also approved at 3 different factories (One of the factories was only known for outdoor apparel before I helped train them to make the dress). This dress changed the active industry, getting the majority of the brands in this field to build their own or try to replicate it. I believe in disturbing the industry and making change. This is why I am excited for The AWP Group to help smaller brands so that they can make a larger impact on society.

Welcome to a realm of design expertise where innovation meets results. As a seasoned Design Professional, I specialize in transforming brands and driving growth within the dynamic landscape of the fashion industry. My journey includes a pivotal role at Studio Ray, where I orchestrated the post-acquisition revitalization of the SOYBU brand, ensuring its uniqueness in sustainable materials and feminine designs. With an adept eye for trends, I navigate design and production intricacies, fostering collaborations and market presence.

Embark on a transformative design journey with me – a consultant who has navigated international markets and negotiated with factories for renowned brands like Gerry Outdoors, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Hanes Brands Inc. At Under Armour, I significantly contributed to the remarkable 45% growth in the Sports Bra category, showcasing a knack for strategic design and market positioning. Let my expertise elevate your brand’s identity and performance.

Explore the intersection of design brilliance and strategic market insights. As a Design Consultant for Tefron Ltd., I directed seasonal development, presenting compelling design samples and insights for Calvin Klein Performance. This wealth of experience is now at your fingertips. Let’s collaborate to infuse your brand with innovation and ensure it stands out in today’s competitive market.

Austin Stout

COO – Chief Operating Officer

“My professional journey began as a textile developer in a leading international performance apparel and footwear company. Throughout my career, I’ve diversified my expertise to encompass various areas of supply chain, such as product costing, development operations, system implementation, textile and apparel R&D, and end to end supply chain strategy.

My leadership has been instrumental in steering significant supply chain initiatives, including the assessment and compliance of new apparel vendors, the implementation of PLM/ERP/WMS systems, initiatives for freight and customs savings, and the setup of both international & domestic warehouse fulfillment providers, along with overseeing physical inventory transfers to these warehouses.

Having contributed to both large and small apparel brands, I possess a comprehensive understanding of the global sourcing landscape for a diverse range of apparel. My professional engagements have taken me across the globe, establishing vital relationships with material suppliers and vendors in Asia, South America, Latin America, and the United States.”