Back to Gym January

So it’s end of January and just now am I starting to see people get back into the gym.
Year after year you see a huge surge in the first 2 weeks after New Year’s and thought
for sure this year would be no different. I mean maybe not the first week because the
first was on a Monday and then you don’t ACTUALLY start until the second – am I right?
But still, I wonder if people aren’t that into it anymore. Maybe just traveling and being ok with their body and self-image.

Millennials introduced the idea of body positivity but Gen z actually took it to heart.
Maybe it’s too expensive (EQUINOX memberships are $250 a month on the low end
which I totally justify aka GIRL MATH because I do all the classes. Yoga, cycling, hit,
and pilates but it IS super expensive. I mean I remember when we were in Baltimore, at
the Merritt, it was $75 a month with a pool and I still thought that was pricey. Remember the white parties lol and everyone would dress up to drink at the pool but meanwhile you had to walk through the gym full of people working out to get there ??

Honestly, you don’t know the good days till they’re gone. We used go to work at Under
Armour, leave at lunch and lay out all summer with our friends from UA during the workday. I loved working there in the start up years. It was so fun and you really felt like you were a part of something. 

So anyway are people still going to the traditional gym ? What classes or places are you
guys going to ?

– Orange theory

Life fitness or  Planet Fitness
Running out side
– Weights at home
– Ozempic ??

End thoughts are that the absolute go to outfit at the gym for people who did decide to
keep resolutions is a 2 pocket legging with high white socks over top and Nike airforce
ones. Wide leg pants and gauchos are creepin’ back in though!  

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