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Pop flex

The classics – Alo and lulu

The fringe cool guys – TNA at Aritzia and SET ACTIVE

What makes the brands we love pop off? Is it the people we see wearing them ? Influencers or tik tok made me do it purchasing. I am embarrassed at the amount of times I’ve purchased something from Instagram that has been to say the least not as pictured. And then of course there’s time you buy the trend and are pleased.

Recently I wanted to try the scrunch butt leggings that make your butt pop out as opposed to flattening it out. I had been seeing this new brand called Paragon Fitwear with sculpting seams to give the effect I wanted without the intimidating butt rouching seen below.

Instead they sculpt the shape into the inseam over the but so it has much better shape. That along with the high quality nylon and 25% spandex really worked ! I felt so snatched and was happy I tried them.

When price points are super low like at Halara I’m pretty much willing to try anything. They have amazing active dresses with full built in bra and ball short liner with pockets. So many colors to choose from it’s hard to pick. The back is super open too which normally I feel like I can’t wear because I am on the larger chest size.

They do a really good job but down side is ship time. Also I’m pretty sure they just knock people off like the outdoor voices dress and even Popflex called them out big time. Which makes me sad because I love pop flex ! They aren’t revolutionary but I like the way the main designer shows her ideas and sketches out on time lapse. She’s really cute and her own model showing why the old version wasn’t perfect and the little changes she made to do so. Also love their slogan “work out , but make it cute”

So speaking of unique designs that aren’t knocked directly off I love alo. They have taken chances doing fun designs like this polo bra

and also unique trims and placement. They really killed it with their outerwear and giving brands like TNF a run for their money.

I feel like Alo took the approach Victoria secret was so good at back in the day and put the clothes on models and tons of hot people doing yoga. They sometimes show plus size but majority are basically super influencers on Instagram.

Lulu has also stepped their game up recently. They fell off when they were doing all dark colors and not taking chances or fun styles. Now they have great textured fabric and even sexy cut outs and cheery bright colors.

My predictions are that prints will come back around in a big way as we grow bored of the solid core products.

What are your future activewear predictions?

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